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Department of English

Seoul National University

The undergraduate and graduate programs of the English Department at Seoul National University are structured to help students to develop their communication skills through English and the critical skills required to analyze various literary texts. For undergraduates, our department offers a wide array of introductory British and American literature courses that allow students to develop fundamental writing skills, powers of argument and analysis, and a historical perspective on human experience. This program deepens our students’ insights into not only their own experience but also the collective experience of the society to which they belong, and thus helps students find their way to further study in law, history, psychology, economics, business, or education as well as in English. Also, students who are will go on to earn a living in the non-academic world learn ways to confront the unpredictable realities of language and history.

The Department of English also offers innovative scholarly courses  leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, which are divided into two tracks: linguistics and literature, and critical theory.  Here our primary concern is the place of English language and literature in the world culture not only as a passive reflector but also as an active molder of world culture. We introduce our students to captivating topics in British and American literature and critical theory, and we reread and reevaluate key texts thoroughly and collaboratively.

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Woosung Kang, Professor
Jungha Kim, Professor

Seoul National University
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