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M.A. in Critical Studies

Pacific Northwest College of Art

The M.A. in Critical Studies program at the Pacific Northwest College of Art claims critical theory as a creative project of analysis and exposure radically interested in accountability and the material effects of ideas. The two-year program combines the study of critical theory with the practice of creative research, so students learn not only to critique but also to intervene, reimagine, and remake. The program is designed to help students develop modes of thinking, writing, and making that cross disciplinary boundaries.

Situated in the context of a 21st-century art school, the M.A. in Critical Studies pays particular attention to images, examining overlaps and tensions between critical theory and visual studies, and investigating the roles that critical theory and art can play in transforming institutions and ideologies. Critical theory can be understood as a critique of seeing. When images can be used both to liberate and to oppress, to save and to kill, what does it mean to be an artist? What does it mean to be a viewer? The M.A. in Critical Studies program explores how human beings engage language and images to make and unmake worlds.

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Shawna Lipton, Chair

Pacific Northwest College of Art
511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon
United States

North America

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