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Critical Studies Department

Sandberg Institute

The Critical Studies Department at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam offers a two-year Master’s program in critical thought and inquiry. The program provides an open, interdisciplinary environment for the development of an independent research practice while giving students a rigorous grounding in contemporary critical theory and political thought. We are especially interested in forms of inquiry and study at odds with traditional academic frameworks, including practice-led research and experimental approaches to critical and speculative writing.

Over the course of their studies, participants have the possibility to pursue a self-initiated research project with great autonomy, working individually or collectively with our team of supervisors. Research projects are presented in a series of regular colloquia, which serve as spaces for collective discussion and exchange. Additionally, participants are provided with the support and resources for the development of collaborative projects related to their research, such as publications, screenings or symposia.

Alongside the research trajectory, participants take part in an intensive program of seminars, lectures and workshops. This program provides a thorough introduction to key debates in critical theory and continental philosophy, explores alternative modes of research and knowledge production, and supports participants in the development of a writing practice. In tandem with this, specific themes are addressed in depth during regular lectures and seminars by visiting speakers. Past speakers in our public program include Alberto Toscano, Anne Boyer, Daniel Loick, Fred Moten, Hannah Black, Max Haiven, Renisa Mawani, Sandro Mezzadra, Nina Power, Vanessa E. Thompson, Françoise Vergès and Marina Vishmidt.

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Tom Vandeputte, Course Director
Will Pollard, Coordinator

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