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Canterbury School of Continental Philosophy

University of Canterbury

The Canterbury School of Continental Philosophy was established by Professor Mike Grimshaw and Professor Cindy Zeiher at the University of Canterbury, Christchruch, New Zealand. The school was established in order to deliberately engage philosophical ideas and key thinkers outside of the analytic movement, which tends to remain dominant in philosophical considerations. The school is inspired by the work of The Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy, of which Professor Grimshaw and Professor Zeiher are members.

The school runs a seminar series and a journal and encourages discussions relating to current scholarship in the diverse field of Continental philosophy.

Contact Information
Mike Grimshaw, Professor
Cindy Zeiher, Professor

University of Canterbury
Canterbury School for Continental Philosophy, School of Language, Social and Political Sciences
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch, New Zealand
New Zealand
64 3 364 2555 Extension 6444

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