Directorio de la red internacional de programas de teoría crítica

M.A. in Applied Gender Studies, Critical Theory

University of Opole

Our program provides students with extensive knowledge of various aspects of theory related to gender, cultural production and consumption, and social activism. The M.A. program is based on three assumptions: that interdisciplinary work is enriching; that mobility creates new intellectual opportunities; and the theory has to be practical or practice ought to be theoretical. The category of gender constitutes the organizing idea of the master program, which is addressed to graduate humanities or social sciences and arts students willing to critically engage in theoretical and practical discussions of the power relations galvanized by inequalities regarding gender in contemporary European society.

Información de contacto
Stankomir Nicieja, Dr
Michal Wanke, Dr

University of Opole
Instytut Filologii Angielskiej
Plac Kopernika 11
Opole, Opole

Europa del Este y Eurasia

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