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A/C/T: Arts/Criticality/Theory

University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Housed in the Institute for Social Justice, Arts/Criticality/Theory (A/C/T) is a research network of critical theorists with diverse disciplinary specializations. We come together with the aim of developing anti-colonial tools to support critical theory projects and in awareness that we are located on the unceded ancestral territory of the Musqueam people. At the Institute for Social Justice, we offer three degrees: B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. A/C/T is a brings together faculty across the Faculty of Arts to share research, build grants, and stage or collect course offerings in critical theory. Our Institute for Social Justice offers critical theory courses at every level of the three degrees, in fields including critical race theory, anti-/post-colonial theory, queer theory, and feminist theory.

A/C/T is a network of scholars who approach the study of culture, literature, arts and performance from perspectives informed by and extending the traditions of critical theory in the Global South and the Northern metropoles. A/C/T confronts the social, historical political, and ideological framing of culture and promotes criticality in the service of social transformation. Anti-colonial and anti-racist in bent, A/C/T explores emergent subjectivities and new social movements while recalling the complex genealogies of theory and the arts. Attentive to material practices, performance histories, and the materiality of language, we share our knowledge of these histories and formal systems with the aim of exploring and exposing the constituent structures of power and proposing new avenues of critical engagement in social transformation.

The Institute for Social Justice is a degree-granting unit with an undergraduate and graduate curriculum and several graduate research streams. Through our core and affiliate faculty, we boast roughly 100 faculty members.

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Dina Al-Kassim, Associate Professor/Chair Graduate Studies
Wynn Archibald, Graduate Administrator

University of British Columbia, Vancouver
1097 – 1873 East Mall Buchanan Tower, 10th Floor
Vancouver, BC

North America

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