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Sinij Divan (Синий диван): Philosophical-Theoretical Journal, Moscow

Tri kvadrata, Publisher

The journal Sinij Divan creates conditions for a cross-cultural dialogue between scholars in the East and West on a wide range of burning issues. Politics, history, ethnicity, poetry, mass media, and the phenomena of mass culture and protest movements are among the topics that have been discussed in the journal’s pages. Sinij Divan aims at addressing the most topical issues by providing a theoretical framework for their close and slow examination. Contributors to the journal include scholars from Russia, Ukraine, France, the United States, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and Croatia. The journal has a clear educational impact, and it helps to create a humanitarian milieu conducive to joint efforts by representatives from different schools and disciplines. Sinij Divan welcomes young contributors from academia. Twenty issues have been published so far,  the first appearing in 2002. Publisher:  Tri kvadrata; available through Kubon & Sagner.

Información de contacto
Helen Petrovsky, Editor-In-Chief
Sergei Miturich, Publisher

Tri kvadrata, Publisher
4 Maly Kozikhinsky lane, Apt. 12
9 Usiyevich St.
Moscow, Russia
(7495) 650-78-12

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